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Local Government Bullying Trail Business and Family.

Have you been bullied by a local government? If so we want to hear from you! Speak up and Take a stand today! Any form of harassment and bullying is a crime in our country. Please use our contact page to tell us your story. Today Feb. 25, 2015 is National Bullying Day in Canada, please go to our MEDIA PAGE for our response to local news papers front page article, thank you for all your support!

What is Bullying?

Bullying is characterized by acts of intentional harm, repeated over-time, in a relationship where an imbalance of power exists. It includes physical actions (punching, kicking, biting), verbal actions (threats, name calling, insults, racial or sexual comments), and social exclusionFootnote 1 (spreading rumours, ignoring, gossiping, excluding) (Pepler & Craig, 2000; Ma, Stewin & Mah, 2001). Boys tend to be more likely to bully and be bullied, usually in the form of a physical attack and exhibition of aggressive behaviour. Alternatively, girls appear to be more prone to indirect bullying in the form of social isolation, slandering and the spreading of rumours (Marcel T. Van der Wal, et al., 2003)

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This website is 100 percent real and official! Paid for by Casey LeMoel for Mayor. 

         Why have I chosen to do this, run for Mayor in The City Of Trail well I guess because I can! You can do anything if you want to. I strongly feel I can provide a lot of knowledge, support and fresh open minded thinking to my hometown and the citizens and tax payers in it.

I have lived in Trail all of my 33 years of my life, growing up here, helping out our community and people in it. I have supported many different areas of this city a lot being the younger generation, as I believe they are our future and feel we need to support them more.  That would be one of my reasons for running for mayor I feel our younger generation needs to be more of a focus in our city. We need to do everything possible to keep our young people living here, working here, and having a family here.

We have a great city and I want to be a part of shaping it`s future! I don`t expect to be voted in tomorrow morning. I plan to earn your vote and will keep running until I become Mayor in the City of Trail. I am young and have lots of time to make this happen. I do not care who is running against myself, nor do I care to cut them down in any way, I like a challenge and believe in this City.

I know a lot of people in our great city, we have some great people here mixed with the greatest landscape in the world makes us THE HOME OF CHAMPIONS!

For those of you who think what I am doing is wrong, or you  will not vote for me, all I ask is to be fair and let me show you I would be a good mayor. Over the last five years I have been the subject of many negative news articles, and talk around our city. I am asking you to please judge me for yourself. I will layout everything in my past on this website, which is the truth and not local rumors and improper news articles that have damaged my name when it was not true.

In closing I look forward to talking to you all straight from the heart. No crazy untrue promises, I just offer this: To save Trail Tax papers as much money as possible, To support local small business owners and help them expand, and grow,  not cause them grief and want to make them leave,  To invite new businesses from around the world to come to Trail and set up here with 100 percent support and help every step of the way, To offer our young people full support and opportunities in our City like making the Skate board park a top priority and much more.

Join myself now and make The Home Of Champions continue to live up to it's name. Together we can do anything if we work together!

Thank you for your support!                                         

Casey LeMoel.

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