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Casey LeMoel is a born and raised as a Trail-lite spending all of his thirty seven years in his Home Town of Trail BC.

He has no plans to ever leave, as he believes in The Home of Champions and is very proud of his City and the great people in it. He also loves the Kootenay's and truly believes it is the best land-scape on Earth!  Casey has always been a business man at the very young age of thirteen. His first business was selling Health products with his Dad Darrell LeMoel.

Over the years he has started many different business ventures, including New and Used stores, Property Management, Property Investing, Hot Dog vending carts, Computers, Residential Services, Plumbing and Heating, Carpet cleaning, Air duct Cleaning, Dry cleaning and much more. Which at one time lead to him almost becoming a millionaire at age 24. Please check out his accomplishment page for complete details on his business ventures. Winning the Best of Business awards from The Trail Times two years in a row. Casey has done countless volunteering in his younger days in and around the City.

Casey has supported many different areas including youth baseball, low income families, troubled teen kids, other sports teams, yearly Christmas Turkey dinners for anyone who does not have a holiday dinner. Casey truly believes in making a difference in others life that is less fortunate than himself. Over the years Casey has had mixed reviews from doing this, sometimes being painted with the same brush through untrue rumors and some people looking down on him for helping these people. Casey has always followed his dreams not letting anything or anyone stand in his way no matter what. 

In the last five to six years Casey had developed eleven different health conditions, with some of them more serious which lead him to becoming disabled. He has been looked down on, cut down, and let down by several people in his hometown The City of Trail.  Casey says these last ten years was the most difficult time in his life.

Through all of his Casey has had his family's full support and has made has way back slowly and will not stand to be bullied and slandered when the truth is there is no valid reason for this kind of treatment.

You will learn all of Casey's struggles, he has had to over come from the police to the City to his life in general. Casey wants his supporters to vote for him based on who he is and his accomplishments that is very important to him. He wants to tell his story, instead of reading or hearing about many untrue rumors and accusations about.  He wants people to judge him for who he is and not what others have heard about him.

Casey has never done drugs, drank alcohol, or even had a cigarette . He truly is against all of these things and supports a drug free Trail. He tries to help out anyone willing to be helped, anytime he can. Over the years Casey has taken in three young foster kids trying to help them ,and treat them like his own family. He was just nineteen years old when he took in his first Foster kid.

Casey wants to make a huge change in The City of Trail, he wants fairness and respect restored to the citizens and every taxpayer as well. He has a passion for business and he knows how to help the Trail businesses without spending millions. It's called listening to the public, each and every one of them, Everyone matters, they are the heart of our great city.  He believes the public needs to start to be treated a lot better and support businesses as they pour their heart and sole into it. The employer and employees who work non-stop and need to make it work to provide income and services for citizens of Trail.

A simple task as getting gas, calling for a taxi, or renting a movie has become near impossible to do these days, and it is sad and depressing. Casey doesn't want to see this happen to his hometown. Thank you for your support! Ask him any questions or concerns you have on our great city, on page 6 ASK CASEY Blog.