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Casey's History Page

This page is a very important page to myself, as over the years I have done many good things and some of those good deeds have been twisted to make myself look bad. This page has been added to this website to make sure the truth about my history is told honestly. There has been times where the media have reported incorrect stories, and or not reported the story to the end showing the end results. As your future mayor it is really important that you the voter know the facts when deciding weather to vote for myself, thank you for your support!

2003-2004 COLD WELL BANKER 1st Trail Estate Ltd. Property Management years.

During my time working for Cold well Banker 1st. Trail Real Estate in Trail I started as working as a repair and maintenance for the Property Management Department. In 2004 the current property manager walked away from his job. Putting myself next in line to become the Department Manager/ Property Manager for Cold well Banker in Trail.  At that time in order to be working as a property manager you had to take the course and pass it, in order to be able to do that job. At that time Cold well Banker was managing several properties, and had no replacement. I was the only one able to do the job. I did not have the course under my belt. I started taking it right after I was promoted to Department Manager. Remember at that time, you could not do this until you passed the course. Jack the Agent and owner of the office, took on some of the property management tasks until I had passed the course. We had keep the Real Estate Council of BC that we were doing this. Also explaining that in small towns like Trail we had no other choice as these properties were under contracts had to be managed. We did not want to break the rules of that time, but feel like we had no other choice in the matter. We kept the council up to date every step of the way. 

We meaning Jack and I tried everything to follow the rules, but at that time the rules were geared to big cities, not small towns that ran into these problems. Since Jack was the Agent Owner of the office, it was his license on the line of the council did not accept this. He is the one that could be fined or penalized for not going by the rules. This was never something both of us wanted to do, Jack made the decision to take a chance and try to see if he could work with the Real Estate Council of BC. 

Hello Everyone!
I am fairly busy today working another long day. By now I am growing tired of this social media world. I am sure you would agree by now this whole small petty garbage issue is getting old. I will try to keep this short as I am going to rest soon.

This is in response to a forwarded post from this WTF club Kootenays. I also was given the rules of this club which included no lying, no drama, no rumors etc. These rules are clearly not being followed. I cannot understand how face book even allows these kind of clubs. If you want to vent, or voice your concern, your real concerns then just do it on your page. Have respect on your post everything will be fine.

I have seen the latest posting by another friend and defender of Mrs. Boily. Her name being Jory Thalheimer. She has posted the article on myself being arrested at a hardware store in 2011 for something I did not do. Currently I have sent The Black Press operating as Trail Times a Cease and Desist order. I am currently in the process of commencing civil litigation against this company for not following up on this story to show there was a stay of proceedings in this case as there was NO evidence to go forward. This means charges were dropped. Our local paper at the time did not do an update on this story to tell the public this. Also this company has left this story online since 2011. If your wondering why it has taking myself so long to deal with this important issue, it would be because at the time I had some serious health issues. I always get to everything, on my list even if it takes this long. Because this case is in the legal process I cannot speak any further about it. All of this will be posted on on my history page including any updates as the case goes along.

I have included the Cease and Desist order as well as crown council stay of proceedings to confirm the case did not proceed and charges were dropped. Of course no one knows for sure until now because this is the first time I have posted the paperwork proof.

Lastly this post by members of WTF club says they are concerned about the families and the fact that I am going after them. I am following the law, nothing else. Again the more bashing you say the more evidence that will be used against you in a court of law. Not my fault I never started any of this. Every new comment and post is adding to Mrs. Boily's first post that started it all. I know the legal system very well. I do know what Libel and slander is, and the difference between the two definitions. I encourage everyone to stand up for what is right as long as you are right of course. Keep moving forward take care!