EMAIL: [email protected]  24/7!

LeMoel For


Sept 4, 2018 
It's official here is my nomination documents! I was at City Hall at 8AM when it opened.  I was the only one there and the first candidate to file the official documents. I want to thank all my supporters that believe in me. Also a big thanks for my parents for both nominating me to run for office! Win or lose it does not matter, the fact that we got to this point is great! Thanks again!

Go to the link below August 24, 2018. to read Casey LeMoel Trail Times confirmation.

Feb. 26, 2018 Interview with the Goat Radio. Please go to the link below to view:

I believe in building much needed affordable housing that Trail needs so much. People have no where to go. Our City has a great chance to grow as so many people come here for it's beauty and affordable living. The problem is we have little to offer for affordable housing. The homeless and low income people of the community deserve better treatment.

Even City owned housing would be great. This way people can afford to live in a newer clean place and Trail taxpayers would have... to pay less taxes because the money made from housing profits. These are the really important issues here in Trail. Take a drive, take a walk, talk to the people it is clear this is needed. The goal is save the Trail taxpayers money and address our much needed housing issue. Instead of spending tax payers money on hopes of development, spend it on areas that will benefit all of us.

Our world economy is still very unstable, this means you have to be careful when it comes to spending. We have a great city here, but taxpayers cannot keep paying higher and higher taxes. Many people can't afford to pay them now. This is my opinion and belief. I am all for improving our city and commend the current Mayor and Council for all there great work they have done to date.

If you believe in my vision please consider voting for myself in 2018 or 2022 I will not let you down! Please feel free to ask myself any reasonable questions on my blog page, Thank you for your support!

  1. I would like to take this time to congratulate Mayor-Elect Diane Langman on becoming the first female Mayor in the Village of Warfield. Also congrats to the new Village Councillors and to all the other candidates that ran for their hard work!

I would to take this time to congratulate Mr. Ron Joseph, in his announcement that he is running for council in the Village of Warfield. We the people support you!
Casey LeMoel.

According to the news BC and the rest of Canada are sounding the alarms on the drug overdose rate this year. Over seven hundred people alone in BC have died this year. Over 2600 in all of Canada and the death toll keeps rising.

Our government are currently meeting to try and stop the deaths from the opioid drug overdoses. This is being called a crisis at this time. I can tell you it's been going on a lot longer than this year. Drugs and pills are all around us. Day after day people are taking them and overdosing and killing themselves. Families are losing their kids, their grand kids! and family members.

It's time to take action more action than talking about it! You have two options number 1: Stop making all opioids all together. Number 2: only use them for people that are dying, or in severe pain. No bottle full either. You want them go to the pharmacy everyday and take them in front of the pharmacist. If the Pharmacist or staff abuse them they lose their job, that it period!

These medications were only meant for people with severe trauma, or a life threatening disease. I have severe pain everyday along with over ten health conditions and have never been on them period. This has got to stop now! Never mind making the overdose kits as a top pirorty. Stop this at the root of the problem. Our BC and Federal government need to take strong action now to stop this madness!

These drugs are so sick and disgusting. Everyday I get so angry seeing this happen to so many people. It's taking over people's lives and most people cannot stop themselves. Let's stop the deaths and save these people's lives now not next year or five years.

A total of 508 people died last year from drug overdoses in B.C. Between January 1 and September 30 of this year, there were 555 deaths. B.C. Coroners Service spokeswoman Barb McLintock says fentanyl has been detected in more than 60 per cent of illicit drug deaths this year. Oct 20, 2016

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Casey LeMoel added 7 new photos.
8 mins ·JUNE 22, 2016

Today I woke up to graffiti from one end of the Gulch to Downtown Trail. Every second building and several areas of City property also got it. After working a 12 hour day having to see it over and over I was a lot more than disgusted. But when I seen the young school kids getting off the bus from school, and saw many of the kids stopping to read the fowl words, drug talk, naming several street drugs and more, that was too much to handle.

My building never received any of the graffiti, but it's still my neighborhood that I live and work in everyday. Like many neighborhoods the battle against drugs, drug use, drug deals, hookers, and drunk people are a everyday part of life. I don't stand of it period!

This is what young people do while being high on drugs. No respect for other people's property, or businesses. I make it my personal goal to try and stop this kind of disrespect to my home town. After finishing my work around 12 am we went to most of the graffiti and did our best to get it off. I took pictures of all of the areas that were hit. I then took pictures of taking the fowl language off the best I could so visitors, kids and people driving or walking bye did not have to see this garbage. By 2 AM today I called the police and reported what my cameras on my building saw, as well to what I witnessed last night to solve this crime. This is not acceptable anytime! This is another example of what bring high on drugs will do to your life. This is very small example because the greatest punishment will be losing your life. Not a good idea to come to the Gulch and vandalize it because I do not sleep often.

April 25, 2016 PRESS RELEASE 
Please see news story "Let's Stop Blaming & Start being Champions! THE NEIGHBOURHOOD NEWS Issue 13 online and print editions

February 20, 2016

Dear Sylvia Stead The Globe and Mail,

Thank you for your email reply, my letter to the Editor did not suggest there were any inaccuracies. I wrote the letter to clarify that our City and Teck for the most part has improved our environment 100 percent than say 35 years ago. It is important for the world to know that Trail is a great place to live, and raise a family.

The Trail of the 1960`s and 1970`s was a different story. Dead plant life, unsafe air, white ash falling from the sky on to cars and people tasting it in their mouths. Growing up here and in the last 20 years, this past state of a toxic waste dump is gone 100 percent.

In fact people from around the world are buying homes and properties on there credit cards, as real estate is some of the cheapest in the world. I feel this is really important as I don`t want Trail to painted with the same brush as in the past. 

The beautiful landscape is some of the best in the world. With 20 lakes and rivers within 20 minutes around us. Affordable living, with fresh air, very little smoke, the rocky mountains, lakes, rivers, and a local history unlike any other city and much more!

Thank you again for your response and support! I look forward to seeing it soon in the paper take care,

Mr. Casey LeMoel.

Candidate for Mayor in the 2018 City Election.

The Neighborhood News-Publisher.

Trail BC tax payer and citizen.  

On 2016-02-19 20:02, Stead, Sylvia wrote:

Hello Mr. LeMoel.

The letters editor has forwarded your note to me because you suggest there are inaccuracies in the article. Can you point me to what you believe is a significant factual error in this article:

Sylvia Stead

Public Editor

Comment on facebook to important issue:
We all want to save the world, and the people in it. Let's take a look around us, our citizens need help also. Refugees are coming with no place to live, eat , learn English does that seem right? Our government and us tax payers are paying for their extended stay at the Holiday Inn. Canada is all about helping the world, that I agree, but this plan was not thought out at all! Who is going to help us out? The world economy is always on the tip of crashing causing a ripple effect in cities and towns. How much more can we all take? Including our citizens living in tents, to business owners trying to stay afloat, families losing their houses to foreclosure, and the homeless sleeping on the ice cold cement. Those jobs going to out of country people cause our government pays the first $6 per hour of the minimum wage. What incentive is their to hire our citizens? NONE! The poor businesses hire them as they can only afford to pay the reduced wage amount. Not fair, not right, not Canadian!  opinion by Casey LeMoel

Feb. 10, 2016

Dear Globe & Mail,

This is in response to your recent stories on Teck Metals and Trail BC. Trail is located in the West Kootenays and it is important that we the people of Trail make a statement regarding the recent stories making our city look like a huge toxic waste dump.

I have lived in Trail all of my life, growing up here and always defending my home town. Yes fifty years ago I have been told all of our trees were lifeless, the air not so great. 

Today that is not true. This city The Home of Champions is not only a great place to live, with green grass, mountains, wildlife, and a sense of great pride, it is one of the best landscapes on Earth. Teck has made huge improvements over the years. Yes like every pollution related environment like the oil spills around the world, and the battle to transport oil to create more jobs, our city is right on top of keeping our town safe and healthy for our citizens and so the planet does not suffer anymore life long damages from ongoing pollution.  

I live right on top of the toxic sludge pool that is seen on your map of Trail. We are always trying to improve our environment and continue to do so, as is other large companies. I welcome anyone to please come to Trail and see what our city has to offer, no air filter mask required, thank you 

Casey LeMoel.

Response to Globe and Mail Story Feb. 2, 2016.

To the great people of Trail, after reading the Globe and Mail story this is what my thoughts were on this story that has made Trail look fairly negative. This is not the first story like the one in The Globe and Mail.

This story can only have a negative effect on the Home of Champions. These similar stories like this one really hurts when we are proud of our home town. This story almost looked like it was done intentional, as a lot of the story stated things like our past mayor, which makes no sense. It was clear this paper did not get all the facts straight, and by the looks of it they do not care to get it right. 

When it comes to our planet, pollution is a huge factor these days more than ever. This would be why this paper is trying to make our city look like a huge toxic dump. Our City is a great place to live and raise a family. I invite people from around the world to come and see our area, and our great City. Our city is far from a large toxic dump. 

In closing we also have to come to terms that we need to save the planet, and need to continue to try to improve pollution in Trail and around the world. I do not want to live on top of a pool of sludge as they said it in the paper. We also need to respond to this story in the paper and get the facts right as this story was in my opinion done very sloppy. I like many people hate how media just puts the wrong or unconfirmed facts just to get a good story. 

These kind of stories only cast a negative light that is not fully true. This kind of reporting and story writing are against writing ethics. I do not support this kind of writing. Now we the people of Trail have to work together to defend our great city. We the people will bring back the home of champion status that we have showed the rest of the world in the past.

Casey LeMoel
  face book
4 mins ·

From our family to yours we want to wish you the best of the holiday season! Join us tomorrow at The Gulch General Store in Trail at 486 Rossland Avenue from 2 pm to evening for our 6th Annual FREE Turkey dinner with all the trimmings! Take it to go or free delivery in Trail.

Also anyone in need of Christmas gifts this year that can`t afford them, please come and see us, fill out our forms once approved we will donate Christmas presents for your family. One hundred percent private.

Thank you for everyone`s support this year with our businesses, including our newest business The Neighborhood News, also thank you for everyone`s support for my quest to be your Mayor in The City of Trail in 2018! Hope to see you all during the holidays!

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Casey LeMoel  Comment and facebook.

When I was growing up Silver City Days the Great Italian Festival ran by Trail Festival Society and The City of Trail, I remember how proud I was to celebrate our strong Italian Heritage. I feel since changing directions away from that theme has not helped the once "Great Italian Festival". Being Italian myself our relatives came every year from out of town as they all grew up here, and was proud to be a part of this great event.

If I were Mayor now I would bring the Great Italian Festival back, with all the great Italian events, Sidewalk Cafe and Italian meals the great Italian sausages, spaghetti and all the rest we remember. Bring back the Great Italian Grape Stomp and spaghetti eating contest in which I was a contestant, and so many other originals like the Italian Festival of the past had.

Also Kiddy Capers in the gym, and even the beer gardens, evening know I do not support drinking and have never had a single sip of achol in my life.

This is alot about how Trail started and leaving that theme was wrong. I realize today we are in a different world and things have changed.

The fair should not be down town, either rather in it's first location with the Cedar Avenue mall or on a grass setting like the Rock Creek Fall Fair.

Please note the past Presidents of Trail Festival Society and the City of Trail has done any amazing job making this event happen for so many years. Without these people and all the many hundreds of volunteers over the years I and my family would not have such great memories of our past years here in the Home of Champions!

The Key here is to bring back what everyone remember`s best as a kid and will show young people today what Trail is all about. Without this the once great Italian festival could in the future no longer exist. No one wants to see that happen.

Does anyone agree with my opinion and view? I hope the City of Trail would agree
this is the right way to go, thank you!

PS I would volunteer to help out anytime or place needed.

Casey LeMoel
Just now · Edited ·  Facebook

Just attended the fun raiser for the homeless sleep under the Victoria St. Bridge. Run by Shelia from C.D.S in Trail. I did not make it down town today to make a donation, so I dropped off some food for the brave people sleeping there over night, and gift certificates for food ordering from the BP Hot Foods Deli located in the Gulch General Store for C. D. S. to give to people in need. Thank you for everyone who has taken there time and effort to raise money for this great cause! Every Donation helps big or small!

STATEMENT FROM CASEY LEMOEL RE:  RESPONSE TO LOCAL NEWS PAPER NEWS STORY ''Gulch store licence renewed; plumbing business closes``, August 26, 2015.
BY Casey LeMoel.
To: the great citizens, tax payers, friends of Trail.
I am not going to waste my time trying to defend myself every time a news story about my self and family makes the front page of our local paper. By the way I must be slipping in ratings since I was on the 3rd page.

I know now that our local paper has no reporting ethics, after all they are a member of the BC Press Council. Being a member of this council, you are to follow certain reporting guidelines lines like accurate factual reporting. It is clear to me that is not happening. This is not the same paper I grew up with and was proud to be a part of.

My first job here in my home town of Trail as a young teenager was a news paper carrier for this company. I was very proud to live here and deliver this paper for many years during my younger years. Today my family and myself are discussed, as the many untrue statements being printed are not even followed up by a correction due to not getting the facts right. Not once in the last six years have they ever corrected anything. Leaving the readers to assume those statements are true. Yes some of them are true, but more is untrue than true.

The only reason I am evening responding to this complete garbage, is that they continue to drag myself and my family threw the mud. I now assume myself and my family are the only stories keeping this local paper barley afloat. For that I thank you as the more you do this, the more you look even worse.

The great people of Trail can see threw all of this garbage and the people that know us know what kind of a family we are. In closing the pots, pans, menus and cooking equipment are just fine at the Gulch General Store in the Gulch. Let me assure you they are in great working order minus the tables. Plus for the record again my parents are NOT the owners of the business.  Of course they already know this, but simply don`t care.

I do want to thank you for making our family more known to our community for the good things we do, free of charge!
Let`s keep moving forward! Thank you for everyone`s continue`s support! Of course this is just my opinion.

Mr. Casey LeMoel.

Check out the rules and members of the BC Press Council @

Gulch store licence renewed; plumbing business closes.
  by  Sheri Regnier - Trail Daily Times
posted Aug 26, 2015 at 1:00 PM
Getting rid of menus, tables, pots and pans, has the Gulch General Store back in business with a renewed operating licence from the City of Trail.

The owners took necessary action to satisfy the building department requirements pertaining to the building bylaw contravention, confirmed Michelle McIsaac, the city's corporate officer.

“Removing the food service area and cooking equipment and thereby returning the building classification to retail/mercantile,” she said.

“The 2015 business licence ... has just recently been issued to the owner for renewal purposes.”

However, it will not be business as usual for Mike's Plumbing and Heating – the second business run out of the same location.

Manager Casey LeMoel informed the city in a letter dated Aug. 9,  that he was cancelling the plumbing company’s business licence.

McIsaac noted that LeMoel's cancellation does not guarantee cessation of operations. Trail council agreed that intermittent inspections and follow up would be prudent to ensure plumbing services are not being provided.

Darrell and Wendy LeMoel, owners of two Rossland Avenue businesses, appeared before council in an April 29 show cause hearing.

The matter simmered since January when the city withheld licence renewals for the Gulch General Store and Mike's Plumbing and Heating due to ongoing infractions of Trail's building bylaws.

According to the city's business bylaw, carrying out work without required qualifications is considered gross misconduct and a public risk. Additionally, under the BC Plumbing Code, if an apprentice is on the job site, all work must be under complete supervision of a certified plumber or journeyman with respective certification.

The city maintained that while LeMoel provided copies of his and another employee's apprenticeship registration, he failed to provide proof of the required supervision.
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Today I am asking everyone, to please do NOT throw your smoke out your window, and do not have a camp fire!

People's lives, homes, and businesses are at risk here, our fire fighters are doing everything they can, so please don't make it harder for them. Our communities are at HIGH risk of losing everything we have built up, thank you!

Husky Concern - Trail/Castlegar(2)
Robert Bouvier
To '[email protected]' May 15 at 10:03 AM
Good Morning Casey,
Please let me start by introducing myself, My name is Robert Bouvier and I am the District Manager for the Okanagan and  Kooteney regions. I appreciate your comments regarding these locations particularly the Trail location and I can understand your frustration when the site cannot fulfill your fuel needs.
I do want to clarify some repair and maintenance issues we had at these locations. The Trail location did experience some repair issues which did impact the location for a few days in March but the major repair issues were at our Castlegar location. Unfortunately this location was down in propane for some time in February and March due to some major repairs which needed to be done to the system. Having said that , these issues have since been addressed and there are no current issues at the Castlegar location.
I have spoken to both the operator of this location and his staff in regards to this issue and how this is completely unacceptable. I’m not sure when your last visit to the Trail location was but I can tell you they now have their propane hours posted. I have also made them commit to having a certified propane attendant during the propane hours which include weekends and holidays.
I would like to compensate you for the inconvenience this location has caused you. In order to do this I will require a mailing address. Once you send me an address I will have the customer service department send you a Gift Card which can be used without restriction at any of our Husky and Mohawk locations.
Robert Bouvier
District Manager
Network  Operations and Real Estate
Husky Energy
Tel: 250-550-6190

To: Husky Customer Service.                     May 10, 2015            

[email protected]

Re: Customer Service / Propane Issue at Husky in Trail and Castlegar BC.

Dear Sir,

I am a business owner and long time customer of Husky in Trail BC (Glenmerry). I understand this location and Castlegar location is under new management in the past six months.

I on a regular basis I fuel up at these locations. Up to six months ago I was getting my propane for my work vans. The new management in the last six months has either not been certified to do the propane, or can't be bothered to do it for their customers. The first time I asked the two women looked at each other and then paused, then finally said it's out of order.

I knew at this point they were not telling me the truth. I then asked why they could not at least post a sign on the pump and door of the store stating it was not working. I was met with no answer to my question.

In the weeks after this, I have gone there several times, to get propane and now I am told they are not certified to handle pumping my propane to my vans. Please note this is the only propane gas station in our town.

Then after that I was told only on week days there is someone certified to do propane. I thought okay, so I went on a week day, and once again I was unable to get propane do to no one on site being certified to pump propane.

This is a major inconvenience for me and my business and a lot of other people. I have to back track to Warfield to get propane in order to go to Fruit vale. This is not right, and not good customer service. It seems like customer service does not exist anymore. Why were these locations given new owners that were not trained to run these businesses? This has happened to me at both locations.

In closing please help us loyal customers out here in Trail BC get propane and good customer service,

Thank you!


Casey LeMoel. 

To: Tim Horton's Trail Employee

From: Casey LeMoel.      By Casey LeMoel             May 6, 2015

This is my first time reporting the daily harassment that I have incurred here in the Kootenay's. I love this area, and there are a lot of great people that live here. But there are a small amount of people that are not so nice. Or they are nice to your face until your not there. Some of these people I have never even met. But they have managed to judge me based on rumours, or false information. It really gets old day after day well I'm trying to work, and have an honest life.

Two days ago we were going threw the Trail Tim Horton's drive threw like we do most days as were working. The nice ladies were serving us, and after leaving one of them starting cutting myself down while she was working serving customers. One of those customers were related to me, and heard the whole thing.

My relative told the employee to stop spreading false rumours. It amazes me that this person who I have never met is cutting me down in uniform while serving customers in Tim Horton's in Trail.

My Response to this person I do not know, except to see at Tim Horton's when we get our steep teas a few times a day.  Please think before you speak, not everything is true that you hear and read. I won't get into what you are slashing me about, except to say I did nothing wrong.  If you want to know the truth contact myself on this site, and I will gladly tell you the real story, thank you!

By Casey LeMoel                                  April 29, 2015

This is in response to our local newspaper's front page news article April 29, 2015 ''Gulch business owners appear before council''. Once again accurate reporting and getting the facts straight seems to not matter in the twenty first century.

I am posting this statement to clear the mistakes, in this article. According to this paper I am now managing the two businesses, meaning The Gulch General Store, and Mikes Plumbing and Heating. In the last article I was the owner. To set the record straight I am the owner, not my parents. 

My parents represent me and support me at all times, but not getting this right tells me this article was thrown together in five minutes. Also to confirm I am a 6th year apprentice plumber with hours well over the 9287 hours required for training as an apprentice. I was trained and supervised by Journeyman plumber Mike Mauro.
I continue to have his supervision today. Mike has had his red seal journeyman plumbers ticket since the early 1960's. The part that refers to the BC Plumbing Code parts of this are not correctly reported right either.

They also state this: During a April 2015 inspection by the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary they stated we added seating. The fact is we have had the seating since the start when we opened in 2010. All authorities come for a yearly inspection and have seen these 15 seats and 6 tables from July 2010. Also we have had a valid operating health permit for operating our famous BP menu since July 2010. Please see below for a picture of this licence. We have carried a licence to sell tobacco, prepackaged foods, and a operating health permit for a restaurant of 50 seats or less all from July 2010, and continue to hold these to current day.
Last up the news story refers to myself as Casey LeMoel, then in the later paragraph refers myself to the young  LeMoel.  Please do not refer myself as the I quote ''younger'' LeMoel. 

Please go to for all our certification papers on our about us page, or on this website.

In closing our family is committed to our great city, and we want to make sure stories regarding our family are reported correctly. As I said in my last statement not everything you read is true. Thank you for all the support Trail citizens have shown to our family.

Our 2010 Interior Health Permit.
Bargain Pawn 50 seats or less. (name change in early 2012 to THE GULCH GENERAL STORE.)

  1. News Feed facebook

Yesterday I spoke up, and took action against being Bullied and Harassed for over the last number of years. I am asking everyone to do the same if you get Bullied. Weather it's in School, at work, in general, or a local government.

Myself and my family will no longer take this kind of treatment any longer! Saying you do not support bullying is one thing, but being the bully is allowed?, I AM HERE TO TELL YOU THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!

Thank you for everyone's support! Please contact our local government and tell them to STOP!

Trail Business says City Of Trail is Bullying Them. (Feb.25 2015)     TO View Story.

Don't Let Local Government or Anyone BULLY you, Speak up and Take Action!

See this example of bullying: the biggest cocaine bust in the kootenays was pushed to the bottom of the front page. Our business and family bullying story seems to be a bigger story,

This is an example of what we have been going through, we are hard working criminal free citizens being treated like criminals, is this fair? should this be allowed? stand up to bullying in any form.

By Casey LeMoel.        Feb. 25, 2015.

This is in response to our local news paper article Feb. 25, 2015 entitled "City Withholds Licence Renewal For Gulch Store". I want to keep this brief and simple Our family have been bullied by our local government long enough.

We have been legally operating for six years and will continue to do so. We have done nothing wrong.  This act of trying to make our family look bad, by twisting the truth is unacceptable. Since the rules and bylaws are only not consistent to everyone in business, we will show proof of this. Rules apply to everyone, not certain people, or people that our local government does not like. Of course this is our opinion, at this time, but facts will be provided on this site.

In closing Please do not believe everything you read, meaning not everything is true. The truth always comes out in the end. I have been dealing with local government bullying and ongoing harassment of myself and my family for several years now. News stories in correctly reported, or things left out. No follow up stories to say they were not true. We will no longer take this kind of treatment, and will continue to move forward as we believe fair treatment for all Trail citizens, Trail businesses, and Trail taxpayers, Thank you.

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ELECTION 2014Political veterans back in the race

Whomever wins the top spot on village council is secondary, says a former Warfield mayor trying to reclaim his past position.

It’s been six years since there has been enough interest for a council or mayoral race in Warfield.

What matters most, says Bill Trewhella, is that there are enough candidates vying for a seat in village politics so citizens have opportunity to mark a ballot on Nov. 15.

“What I hope for the most is that there will be an election,” Trewhella told the Trail Times Monday. “People want the chance to get out and vote,” he said. “And the longer we go without that opportunity, the worse it is for democracy.”

Trewhella has no axe to grind in the political arena, he explained, but since his 11-year stint as village mayor ended in 1996, the basic principals of public service have remain unchanged, so he’s ready to tackle the area’s most recent issues.

Trewhella is the only Warfield resident who’s signed up so far. And with time ticking toward the Friday deadline for a seat in municipal government, uncertainty remains if Warfield’s 1,400 electors will finally have a say in its leadership for the next four years.

There’s confirmation that Silver City citizens will have a place at the polls with a two, possibly three-way, mayoral race already underway and seven people up for one of six seats on Trail council.

Besides Mike Martin and Doug Jones intent on becoming mayor of Trail, first time potential candidate Casey LeMoel has a website up and running, though there’s been no official confirmation of his nomination to date.

There’s also a new twist added to the Trail councillor race after a veteran politician threw his hat into the ring last week.

After a 10-year hiatus from politics, former Trail Mayor Sandy Santori is ready to dive back into municipal affairs – not in his past title, rather as a member of city council.

He is running alongside newcomer Lisa Pasin, and five incumbents, Robert Cacchioni, Rick Georgetti, Eleanor Gattafoni-Robinson, Sean Mackinlay, and Kevin Jolly.

Montrose and Fruitvale only have their current mayors listed as candidates, according to the province’s government sector website,

Although the latter does have two people, incumbent Tabatha Webber and newcomer James Ellison, listed as candidates for the village’s four-member council.

Looking east to Salmo, Dennis McLean is listed as a mayoral candidate with newcomers Kenneth Anderson and Reginald Mullaly seeking a position on the village’s four-member council.

The Regional District of Kootenay Boundary doesn’t have any candidates listed on the civic info website, however Linda Worley, Area B’s incumbent director filed papers last week.

The Golden City will be hosting an electoral race this year after Rossland Coun. Kathy Moore stepped up to challenge the city’s current mayor, Greg Granstrom.

Granstrom won his position by acclamation in 2011, but the city’s six-member council was voted in after a 10-way race for a seat.

There’s no word if the current city councillors will seek re-election and by Monday afternoon, no candidates were listed on the civic site.

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Back when I was growing up, these kind of public service and be aware messages were all over the t.v.'s, posters, radio and more! I truly believe in these STRONG messages for our young generation! Our new world does not do this enough anymore!


It is every good parents nightmare to lose there kids to drugs, alcohol, and pills. These addictions don't ever go away, it is a fight to survive everyday. The weak most of the time do not make it, don't let that be you ,family member, or a friend.